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Dental Savings Plan

At Lumbertown Dental Wellness, we make it a priority to help our patients get the quality care they need, regardless of personal circumstances. One of the ways Dr. James R. Donley helps our patients is by offering our dental savings plan. This plan allows our uninsured patients to save on all treatments, from preventive care to cosmetic treatments to restorative procedures.

Here are some of the benefits of our savings plan:

  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No preauthorization requirements
  • No preexisting condition limitations
  • No one will be denied coverage
  • No waiting periods (immediate eligibility)
  • Free consultations

You will not be singled out for rate increases or cancellations. You will not receive a membership card. Your plan’s effective date will be on file with our office.

Periodontal patients needing a visit every 90 days will be allowed to substitute two adult cleanings and receive two additional periodontal maintenance visits at a 10% discount.

Diagnostics and X-rays

  • Comprehensive Exam: 100% (new patient/initial visit)
  • One Annual Exam: 100% (children under 18 = two per year)
  • One Emergency Exam: 100% (problem focused, one per year)
  • Four Bitewing X-rays: 100%(one time per year)
  • Periapical, First Film: 100%
  • Periapical, Each Additional Film: 100%
  • Complete Series X-rays or Panoramic: 50% (one every five years)


  • Child Prophylaxis: 100% (two cleanings per year)
  • Adult Prophylaxis: 100% (two cleanings per year)
  • Fluoride: 100% (two per year, no age limit)
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: 100% (two per year)
  • Additional Cleanings: 15% (per year) 
  • Dental Sealants: 15%

All Other Procedures

  • Fillings and Core Buildups: 15%
  • Oral Surgery: 15%
  • Root Canals: 15%
  • Crowns: 10%
  • Veneers: 10%
  • Periodontics: 10%
  • Braces: 15%
  • Dentures and Partials: 10%
  • Perio Protect®: 10%
  • Opalescence® Teeth Whitening: $60
  • MTM® Clear·Aligners (dual arch) * $350 OFF
  • MTM® Clear·Aligners (one arch) * $150 OFF

*An MTM® Clear·Aligners member must remain a plan member for the duration of treatment to retain discount plan benefits.

Contact our dental office in Muskegon, Michigan, at 231-720-0006 to start getting the care you need. Our dentist and team look forward to working with you.

Learn More About Our Dental Savings Plan Here.